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Fresh Recurring Monthly Content Subscription

From: $75.00 / month

Monthly Subscription includes:

* Everything stated in the type of content you want us to create for you each month. See individual pages for details.

* Split content across as many niches/projects as you need.

* Can be split between different content types.

* Fresh content created every month.

A unique seed keyword or topic title for every piece.

* 3 Revision Rounds for total peace of mind.

* Email & Chat Support.

* White Label ghost written content.

* Full content copyrights owned by you.

* SEO keyword research by top SEO Scientist.

* Topic Research to extremely high level.

* Content Strategy planning to assist you in success.

* Fully Optimized Content for whatever purpose you need it for.


Want to make things passive? Let us upload your content?

Have us upload your content each month to your websites! For a small additional charge, our expert staff can upload, format, make SEO internal links & include relevant images! Making the whole process totally passive for you. Giving you more time to focus on life. Whilst we take care of all the content and uploading it for you! Take a look at our Content uploading add-on service for more details.

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More about Fresh Recurring Monthly Content Subscription by Ai Contently

Using our fresh recurring monthly content subscription service, is an excellent way to save money on individual content costs. Moreover, it will ensure that each month you get fresh high quality content automatically delivered to you. As soon as your subscription renews, our professional SEO content writers get to work on your order. And it is delivered to you in the usual time frame.

Here are some common questions and answers relating to our content subscription service. To allow you to better understand what you can do with your subscription.

Can I order Different content types?

Yes not a problem. If you want a different mix of content types, you can request that of course. So for example, if you have a recurring content subscription for 50 pieces of monthly content. You could request 20 blog content, 20 review content and 10 Affiliate content pieces.

It is possible to change what I need each month?

Yes of course. If you would like to order different amounts of certain content types each month. That is not a problem at all. You just need to tell us at least 24 hours before your subscription renews. Once we have started the outlining, it is not possible to change it until the next month.

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

Yes you can change your subscription at any time. Just remember, if you change it after the current months payment. That quantity amount will not kick in until the next month. So if you want to increase or decrease the content for the upcoming month. Ensure you upgrade or downgrade your subscription before its renewal date.

What Content Do I Get?

You get the exact content as shown in the individual content types. So if you want a subscription for blog posts, then you will get exactly what is described in our blog content item. There is no difference no matter if you order it as a subscription or individual item. Only that you save money when ordering it as subscription. And of course you get automatic content each month.

Who Writes My Content?

All your content is written by our in house, highly trained writers. Not only are they trained to use our AI system to the best practices. But they are all qualified to at least journalistic writing standards. All work is proof read and checked by senior staff prior to being delivered to you.

How Do I Tell You My Website & Other Order Details?

Once you place your order. You will be given options to provide us with your website and other details. If anything is not clear, we will email you to gather any missing details or for further clarification. We can work with you in many different ways. For example, some people give us a list of reviews they want created over the next 6 months upfront. Whilst others just send us the details each month. Furthermore, its not unusual for a customer to just give us their website URL(s) and the categories they want content created for. Or even just tell us, here is my website blog, you can see the categories on it. Please write content for them each month. And we will do all the research and other important work. To ensure they get they best quality content each month that is relevant to their websites. We can make this as hand off or as hands on as you want to be!

Can you help me with titles and blog ideas?

We would be more than happy to help you with anything like this! If you are not sure what to instruct us to write about. You can let us do it for you. Our state of the art AI and keyword research, allows us to come up with the most important content strategy for you!

Included as Standard in all our copy writing work.

We are far from being just another copy-writing service! Which is why when you order your content from us. We include as standard in every piece we deliver the following as an absolute minimum:

  • Content that satisfies & even exceeds Google E-E-A-T requirements.
  • Industry best practice content Pillars created for you where possible.
  • Highly researched topics. Ensuring factual content.
  • Google NLP Entities extracted and included in your content.
  • Hidden keywords discovered and incorporated in your pieces.
  • Low competition, but high converting keywords discovery.
  • Content clusters expertly put together and executed for you.
  • 100% handwritten content, that is 100% Plagiarism Free.
  • Exceptional next level SEO content always.
  • High quality SEO content delivered on time, every-time!
  • Research, topic ideas, product discover and more! If you need our help with any of these things. Please just ask us! Its included for you free of charge if you need it!
  • Personalized content where needed. E.g Includes your brand name, product or desired affiliate product reviews for example.
  • The perfect Optimized word count (see FAQ’s page for more details) for every piece and keyword.

For more information on various things, please also take a look at our FAQ’s Page.



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