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Hand-Written SEO Optimized Articles For your PBN


$5 is for one fully SEO optimized PBN Article. The highest quality & cheapest SEO PBN Content available!

Whats Included

High Quality PBN Content


The importance of content in the modern Google era is not something you should underestimate! Which is why our Cost effective PBN Content articles will keep you not only Google safe. But will also improve site quality and bring in more organic traffic too!

Word Count Between 1000 and 1500 Words


100% handwritten content, that is 100% Plagiarism Free


Industry leading content proven to increase Link Value.


With better quality content on your PBNs. Its very well proven that Google will trust your sites more and pass more link power though your outbound links as well!

Highly researched topics. Ensuring factual content.


Content that satisfies & even exceeds Google E-E-A-T requirements


Hidden keywords discovered and incorporated in your pages


Google NLP Entities extracted and included in your content.


Content clusters expertly put together and executed for you


Low competition, but high converting keywords discovery & inclusion


Personalized content - includes your products, brands etc


Highest quality PBN Article Content delivered on time, every-time!


Exceptional native speaking writers of journalistic levels


Extensive Data-driven content planning & keyword research


SEO friendly PBN Articles for any niche or topic


Our expert PBN content writing team. Are happy to work with any niche!

Personally Checked By Leading SEO Scientist Before Handover


Professionally double Proof Read Prior To Delivery


Fast Turn Around Times


Lowest Prices On the Planet - Average costs 0.003 cents per word!


Free help & Advice


If you are not sure what titles, topics or keywords you need. No problems! Let our PBN SEO experts do the research for you! If you need some help or advice, just ask us!

More about PBN Content Articles by Ai Contently

Enjoy the highest quality PBN content articles at the lowest prices possible. Professional hand written content for you Private blog network websites. Our CEO happens have a very large PBN network of his own. And he knows that high quality content is as important on your PBNs as it is on your main websites. However, he also knows it needs to be cost effective.

So he created the perfectly balanced content, that finds the balance between High Quality and cost effective. This is exactly what your are purchasing here. The ultimate PBN content for all niches! There is no other content out there at these prices. That comes anywhere near the quality of our PBN content, and that is a fact!

Fact Check! Rank Faster!

Private blog network websites that use our content articles. Not only attract more natural traffic, but the back-links placed on them take effect faster and with better results. This has been tested across more than 25000 private blog network websites. And the ones that used the content created using our process. Produced up to 7x Better results that those PBNs that used alternative content generation methods. Its very clear to see that when Google trusts your content, it also trusts the outbound links more that you insert in to it!

So many people invest in Private Blog Networks. Spend decent money on the domains, the hosting and setting up the sites. But then they use trash content and destroy all their efforts. You must not under estimate how important it is, to keep the quality of your PBN content extremely high. You should not cut this corner! If you place crappy content on your PBN. You are going to devalue the entire site quality! And the power of your outbound links will be seriously downgraded!

What Niches Can I Order For?

We provide PBN content for any niche. As long as it is legal, we are happy to write for it! If you are not sure about your niche, please just contact us from the support page to clarify.

How Is This Different To Your Main Content?

In essence its no different. It includes all the main elements still. But we condense the information and the entities in it. We also do not create it to squeeze every last drop of SEO value from it, like we do for our main content products. Instead, we just cut it all down and include the principal and main subject items. Its still fantastic content, but its just not maximized in the way the content we create for main websites is. Also for PBN content, we write generalized content on your subject. Therefore, the research time, costs and time to produce the content is substantially less. This is the only differences. And the reason we can sell you it much cheaper.

What is the word count?

In general the word count for PBN content articles are between 1000 and 1500 words. Normally rising to no more than 2000 words.

What Do I Get In  My Content?

Here are some of the things you get included with your PBN content!

  • Content that satisfies the basic Google E-E-A-T requirements.
  • Factual content, hand written by professional writers.
  • Main keyword Google NLP Entities included.
  • Main hidden keywords extracted and included.
  • Up To 3 Secondary long tail keywords discovered & included.
  • 100% handwritten content, that is 100% Plagiarism Free.
  • Highest quality PBN content delivered on time, every-time!
  • Research, topic ideas, product discover and more! If you need our help with any of these things. Please just ask us! Its included for you free of charge if you need it!
  • General varied content on your topic. 100% relevant link ready PBN content!
  • Word count between 1000 and 2000 words. Optimized based on your main topic.
  • 100% unique content always.
  • Fast Turn Around Times.
  • No Revisions possible.

Gain traffic to your PBN.

When you use our article writing service for PBNs. You will see that our PBN blog content will bring in traffic to your PBNs. The more of it you add, the higher your site quality will rise. This results not only in more genuine traffic to your PBN, compared to others. But it also means the Google will start to index you content (and Backlinks) much faster as well! Allowing you to see much faster results from your PBN links in the SERP's.

Using this style of content for you Private Blogs, also ensures that they remain safe. Having high quality unique content, is not the usual sign of a PBN. It will make any detection of your Private blog network much harder for Google to do as well! Keeping your network all that much safer. As well as gaining much more peace of mind for yourself in the process.

Now you can see why we are the number one choice for owners of professional private blog networks. There is no where better to buy PBN content articles, than right here at AI Contently! Do not under estimate the power of these articles, they are pretty excellent for PBN content, that I can assure you! Give you private blog networks the love they deserve and order our top quality content for your PBNs today!

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